Strategic Communication Trainer



Lapis is a leading media, education, research, project management, and strategic communications company operating throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, South and Central Asia. Lapis supports local and global efforts to bring about positive change in frontier markets and challenging environments. From delivering education projects to strategic communications and project design, for nearly two decades, Lapis’ work has framed how individuals, communities, and nations see their world. We employ an unparalleled understanding of complex media and sociopolitical environments. We stay at the forefront of changes in audiences’ media and technology consumption and combine this systems-level knowledge with our on-ground expertise to tailor carefully analyzed and creatively engaging products. Our clients include governments, foundations, international organizations, and the private sector.



We are on the lookout for a highly capable Strategic Communications Trainer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a profound grasp of communication principles, superior interpersonal skills, and the versatility to craft and facilitate captivating training programs for a variety of development themes. As a Communications Trainer, you will be essential in providing our stakeholders, partners, and beneficiaries with the expertise necessary to master communication challenges in a multitude of sector-specific contexts.



  • Devise and evolve extensive communication training programs, ensuring they are customized for the distinctive needs of stakeholders, partners, and beneficiaries across different sectors.
  • Generate a range of dynamic and interactive training content, including tailored presentations, case studies, and hands-on activities, specifically designed for strategic communication across various sectors.
  • Lead both in-person and virtual training workshops for individuals and groups, focusing on a stimulating and impactful educational journey for stakeholders from varied sectors.
  • Offer detailed and constructive feedback to beneficiaries, fostering ongoing enhancement of their communication competencies.
  • Establish robust connections with stakeholders, discerning their unique communication hurdles and objectives within their respective sectors.
  • Work collaboratively with beneficiaries to adapt training initiatives to their special requirements and sectoral contexts.
  • Perform assessments to pinpoint communication strengths and areas for advancement among individuals and teams across diverse sectors.
  • Implement and refine evaluation techniques to assess the impact of training initiatives, ensuring they meet the evolving demands of different sectors. Relay complex concepts to non-experts in a manner that is relevant to their industry.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Public Relations, or a related field.
  • Demonstrated expertise as a communication trainer or similar role, with a focus on developing and implementing sector-specific strategic communication training.
  • In-depth understanding of communication theories, interpersonal communication, and public speaking, with the ability to apply these in a sector-specific context.
  • Skilled in creating and delivering presentations and training materials that resonate with a diverse range of sectors.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication prowess, capable of effectively engaging with a wide spectrum of stakeholders.
  • Competence in customizing training approaches to cater to various industries, organizational echelons, and development themes.
  • Adept in the use of virtual training platforms and technological tools, with the expertise to modify these for sector-specific training applications.



  • Master’s degree in Communication or a related field.
  • Certification in communication training or coaching.
  • Experience in providing communication training in diverse cultural settings.



To apply, please submit your resume, and cover letter to, And write in the subject the job title.