Lead Training Consultant

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and update training material, presentations, and handouts covering various topics pertinent to journalism, including:
    •    Editorial Essentials
    •    Newsgathering Techniques in the Digital Era
    •    Content Production in the Digital Landscape
    •    Legal Considerations for Journalists
    •    Mobile Journalism
    •    Newsgathering and deployment (Reporting and Producing)
    •    Advanced Interviewing Techniques
  1. Conduct training sessions for journalists both online and in-person in Afghanistan, adhering to predetermined schedules.
  2. Coordinate with the training coordinator to ensure timely dissemination of training requirements and logistical details.
  3. Develop assessment tools to gauge the effectiveness of the training program and offer recommendations for enhancements.
  4. Provide continuous support and mentoring to journalists to facilitate the application of acquired skills and knowledge.
  5. Extend invitations to experienced journalists as guest speakers for training sessions to provide valuable insights and perspectives.
  6. Train local trainers to assist the international consultant effectively in delivering training programs, ensuring a seamless and coordinated approach.
  7. Travel to Afghanistan as necessary to deliver in-person training sessions.

Job Requirements:

– Minimum of 10 years of training experience in journalism, with a focus on digital media practices.

– Demonstrable hands-on experience with recognized media outlets.

– Proficiency in developing comprehensive training materials and presentations.

– Strong facilitation and presentation skills, capable of engaging diverse audiences.

– Ability to assess training effectiveness and offer constructive feedback for improvement.

– Experience in providing ongoing mentorship and support to trainees.

– Proven track record of organizing and coordinating training sessions, both online and in-person.

– Familiarity with Afghan media landscape and cultural sensitivities is desirable.

– Willingness to travel to Afghanistan for in-person training sessions.

– Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

This role demands an experienced professional who can not only impart knowledge effectively but also provide guidance and support to journalists